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Be Empowered Academy, we help business owners and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry who are hitting the 6-figure income ceiling to expand their impact and results by successfully attract committed clients like a magnet.

We do this by providing transformational training programs, events, and coaching for business owners who are ready to be known and trusted to make a big difference in people’s lives and being compensated well for it.

We stand for a new generation of entrepreneurs who is aiming to align their business with their values and passions and enjoy the lifestyle they choose.

We are devoted to working with thousands of entrepreneurs who are motivated to do the same.

Products & Services


Whatever results you want to achieve, starting or growing your health & wellness business to 5 or 6 figures or beyond, you need to learn the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to attract all the clients you want.

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Free Book

How many of you want to HELP A LOT more people with your business? This is a 7 step guide on how to get more clients and monetize your passion.

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Website Cheat Sheet

You’re about to discover my time tested and proven step-by-step cheat sheet to increase your traffic and conversion of your website by 2, 3 or even 10X – without wasting money on advertising guesswork! In case you wonder, its not about SEO…

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Niche Market Report​

Most small businesses make a critical business mistake by trying to reach a general audience. This free report of 5 Strategies to Find a Niche Market Match That Will Help You Naturally Attract Perfect Clients For Your Business.

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  • “Bojan’s has hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ on how any business owner can exponentially grow their business through educating a prospect, rather than just ‘selling’ them. So many of us are tired of being sold, and now Bojan has created the ultimate formula to bringing in new clients through leveraging technology, strategy and smart business thinking.”

    Ari Galper
    Ari Galper
    Trust-Based Selling Authority
  • “Bojan’s latest book Wealth Through Passion and Business is a delightful read. It covers many of the principles essential for success in today’s fast- paced business world. I also like how Bojan has intertwined several important lessons around mindset and personal fulfilment, which gives the book a holistic and contemporary feel. Well done Bojan!”

    Dale Beaumont
    Dale Beaumont
    Business Blueprint